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Infrastructure & Environment Day

Our Infrastructure and Environment Day began at the Monterey Regional Waste Management District, where we met with General Manager Tim Flanagan, and discussed community issues surrounding garbage disposal, recycling programs, composting and Organics to Energy, the program that allows the energy value of organic materials to be harvested prior to composting.  An educational tour of the MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) allowed us the opportunity to see first-hand the process of sorting recycled materials.  Our next stop was Monterey One Water to learn about water challenges and solutions from Paul Sciuto, General Manager, and Gary Petersen of Salinas Valley Groundwater Sustainability Agency.  Here we witnessed the process of wastewater treatment and recycling of water to be used as irrigation for local crops, thereby limiting the advancement of seawater intrusion.  At the Monterey Regional Airport District, we met with Mike LaPier, Executive Director, who shared the plans for future upgrades and expansion at the airport.  Lastly, Todd Muck, Deputy Executive Director of the Transportation Agency for Monterey County boarded our bus and took us on a guided tour of several current and future TAMC projects throughout the county, including the newly constructed roundabouts, the Fort Ord Regional Trails and Greenway, and the Fremont Street bike lanes. 

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